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What's your opinion about TotK so far? Are you worried about the seemingly identical overworld? How much do you think Nintendo is holding back? Do you think we will get some dungeons?



@dionysos283 I'm very excited by it. No, I'm not worried about the overworld. I think there's going to be enough differences that will make it feel fresh again. Sure, some things will remain roughly the same, but different enemies populating regions and environmental situations will change a lot.

I hink Nintendo is holding back a lot, both story wise and gameplay. We don't know Zelda's role in all this. It might turn out to be a pretty dark story (hence the game's subtitle)...

As for dungeons...I dunno. Underground locations are extremely likely going to be a thing though.
If we get shrines instead I wouldn't mind as I never had any problems with them to be honest.



I also believe Nintendo is holding back a lot of stuff. Otherwise it would be difficult to explain why it took them 6 years to make TotK, despite reusing so many assets from BotW (including the entire overworld!).

But Nintendo not showing us more about the game is a double-edged sword: On the one hand, it makes me more excited to discover all the new stuff for my self! On the other hand, it's impossible to guess what they've changed / added, and what remains the same. E.g. from what we've seen so far, the overworld seems to be largely the same; which makes me nervous, since exploring the overworld was my most favorite thing about BotW (and I already replayed it 3 times).

But the fact that Nintendo is confident enough about the game to charge $70 for it, makes me hopeful that it will be jam-packed with content.



The game being $70 now in the US. Does this make the game cheaper in Europe? I mean, we paid that for BotW already and by the price increase logic, TotK should actually be 80... But it isn't. So that make the game cheaper...?!

... Just kidding.
The whole "$70" thing just grinds my gears just a little. 😂



@Slowdive The spiral rocks seem to be shrine replacements from the looks of things.

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Wow, 6 years for an expansion pack?
Nintendo are the smartest folks in the world! First they get away with 3d all stars which was the laziest upscale effort in the world and now this.
Shame ON them for full pricing on this.
Of course I'm buying, but seriously, SHAME!

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@VoidofLight Could very well be. There's some overlap between these stones and the shrines in terms of exact location. Though there's also some places where shrines used to be but now nothing - or where nothing used to be and now a spiral stone.

There's also the possibility that it has something to do with the Ascend ability as it has a similar spiraling shape.


Did you see the game size in the game shop? 18.2GB. There must be a lot of game in there. It's not like Nintendo would be careless about unnecessary cruft, because they of all companies know this will just exceed the 16GB cartridge size and push them over to the next (and more expensive) cartridge size.



Surely any game with an 'Ascend' feature has to have a 'Descend' feature too, right?

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