Super Mario Movie
Image: Nintendo, Illumination

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was predicted to have a big opening and early box office data coming in reveals the film has already collected a whopping $66.4 million globally on its first day. It banked $34.7 million at the international box office combined with the US opening to reach this total.

According to Deadline, Mario's new movie outing has already set multiple milestones and records around the world as a result of this - becoming "the top animated launch day ever" across 11 different markets. As noted by the source, this includes countries like "Germany, Spain, Argentina, Central America and Austria".

Below is a quick breakdown of Mario Movie's opening day in multiple countries:

  • Mexico: The biggest debut for a Universal title ever & the second biggest animation opening behind Toy Story 4
  • UK: The best-animated opening ever and biggest overall of 2023
  • China: Biggest opening since start of the pandemic, and second biggest opening day for a studio title in 2023
  • Germany: Universal's best opening day of all time and animation opening
  • Spain: Biggest animation opening day ever, and biggest April opening day ever
  • France: The biggest opening day of 2023, best opening for Illumination ever
  • Italy: Biggest opening day for an animated movie ever in Spring and for a video game adaptation
  • Taiwan: Top opening day ever for Illumination and Universal, biggest opening for a video game adaptation
  • Australia: Best opening day of 2023, biggest ever for Illumination and top April debut ever

26 other markets around the world open today, and locations like Japan launch the film later on in April. The film has been estimated to bank an excess of $225 million in its opening weekend, potentially surpassing mega movies like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which banked $225.3 million.

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