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  • US 31st May 2021, $5.99
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About The Game

BeeFense – BeeMastered The bees are back… bigger, badder, better! Protect your beehive fortress against the hornet menace. After all, the best offense is a good BeeFense! Command your bees to get beesy building your defenses. Have them collect Honeydew – the most precious resource in the world – to improve and customize your fortifications. The mad Hornet Queen Hornetta is more than just aggressive – she’s genetically modified and will stop at nothing to achieve her nefarious goals! The survival of the bee colony depends on your strategy. In this remastered version of the successful mobile game, the bees now have to deal with more than just the waspish Hornet Queen and her army – they’ll also encounter the evil General Hornus and his menacing minions in six brand new levels. Accompany the bees on their journey to the Land of the Glowworms, and help them defend their territory against the General’s troops. As a master of light and darkness, you can expand your complement of weapons to beat back the evil invaders by adding glow ammo and other useful skills. BeeFense – BeeMastered features fully remastered graphics that still maintain all the charm of the original mobile game. You can now experience all the models and textures in full HD and with entirely new lighting. To top it all off, the new animation makes all the characters and their world appear even more lifelike. Plunge into numerous battles with your army, plan the construction of your defenses, and protect your colony on the long, dangerous journey to a distant land. With BeeFense – BeeMastered, our little tongue-in-cheek tower defense game, we are attempting to raise awareness of one of the most important issues in the animal world. We need to protect the bees, particularly from the dangers we pose to them as humans. NEW LEVELS: In a total of 26 levels, 6 of which are newly designed, we tell the story of Queen Bee Nectarina and her colony. NEW TOWER UPGRADES: With Glow Ammo, you can now reveal enemies hidden in the shadows. NEW GRAPHICS: Experience the world of BeeFense with fully remastered graphics FIGHT: Challenging tower defense gameplay with a thrilling storyline about the survival of a bee colony. BUILD: Improve your defense strategy with 12 different tower features! MANAGE: Use your bees to gather various resources to supply your colony and prepare for the next attack. DEVELOP: Choose from a variety of upgrades and bolster your defenses. SPECIAL TASKS: Complete certain challenges in each level to earn even more precious Honeydew.