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Action, Party
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  • US 24th Feb 2020, $9.99
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About The Game

No party is complete without steaming boxes of fresh pizza. But beware, your friends are hungry too, and this pizza isn’t going to last all night.

Grab a hoverboard and get moving. Defend your pizza from other players and fight for slices from across the map in this fast-paced, competitive twin-stick shooter. Choose from an arsenal over 15 weapons ranging from swords to nukes to exact death and revenge upon those who would claim any slice unspoken for. Learn to take advantage of unique map conditions to get a competitive edge over your opponents. You’ve never seen sloths move this fast (then again, you’ve never had a pizza party with a hungry sloth before.)

An award-winning indie hit now finally on Nintendo Switch™, customize your sloth with over 900 hats and enjoy four different game modes allowing you to enjoy the party whether you’re alone vs. AI or with three friends.