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Action, Arcade
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  • US 25th Mar 2021
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About The Game



A girl named Herb who claims to be a great witch lives in a poisonous swamp on the outskirts of a faraway country.

One day, a red jewel is stolen from a shrine under her control.

Herb escapes the swamp for the first time in order to recover her jewels.



・ Herbs

The hero and self-proclaimed great witch.

She lives near Poison Swamp and her business is to manage shrines and make suspicious potions from herbs.

She respects her grandmother, a court mage, and is a hard worker who does not miss her magical training every day.

・ Rose

The bandit leader of a bandit and commander of the Pigmen.

She thinks all in the world is for her as a justification to rob it.

She hates to lose and will continue to fight alone even after the departure of her comrades Balun and Philet.

・ Baran

Part of Rose's entourage, the tall one.

He is good at developing mechas, and most of the bandits' mechas were designed by Baran.

He has a gentlemanly personality and respects Fillet's ideas to the fullest.

・ Fillet

Part of Rose's entourage, the short one.

A strategic and cunning tactician.

His motto is to run away before he gets into a rough pinch.



・ An adorable retro SHMUP with 5 stages + 3 challenges.

・ Arcade mode that lets you play through 5 stages in a row and a short mode that allows you to play any stage you choose.

・ Training mode lets you choose to skip to and play through part of any stage to practice to even further perfection!

・ 16 different regular and 4 challenge bosses

・ Challenge different bosses, each with their own breakable parts for maximum score attack.

・ Vary your play style with multiple different combinations of Familiar Attack types, Bomb settings, and Life settings for multiple replayability.

・ Simple and unique graphics and fun music to match