Topic: Anyone playing Metroid Prime Federation Force?

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I've very much enjoyed Metroid prime remastered lately, then literally every other Metroid game available on switch.

I've now have played every Metroid
except Federation Force and want to give it a try, but not alone. I was wondering is it still possible to play this online? If yes, who else is interested?

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I used to play it for a while when it was new and i would be interested in playing it again if it is still available to play online.

I stopped playing it after i encountered a super difficult boss at one planet.



@Simon97 Hey, yess its still playable online. I just played together online with a random yesterday. Im also part of a discord group with MPFF players, they've all played the game endlessly so their miles ahead but still fun when you can keep up. So if your interested we can play together and also if you want to, join the discord group.



@LeafaTypeR Okay What is the Discord group? Is there a link to the group? I have not used Discord in a few months so i am a little rusty about how Discord works, but do i find the group or do i get an invite to it?



I heard that Metroid Prime: Federation Force wasn’t that good.

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@LinkxPeach it's a bit of a hidden gem imo

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@Owl1 I never got why people were so mad at it, like I get it wasn't exactly like the originals but still...

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I don’t have it but it sounds interesting. Shame people hated it because it wasn’t the game they wanted.



I heard the majority peoples hate the Chibi looking of the characters and not Samus as the main character.
I have the game and the character design in Chibi looks cute anyway but the gameplay was really hard for me as i have zero knowledge about metroid franchise.
I stopped playing when already reached mission 11 where I should put something to be sending while attacking alien creatures to protect the device being sending. I gave up, I have no idea to keep survive on that mission.

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@Colonel_Mustache Primarily because it was a spinoff during a time when the main series was experiencing a drought (5 years since the last game, and the last game before that was also very controversial so some fans may have gone even longer without Metroid), but also the resemblance felt somewhat superficial, like the bigwigs at Nintendo decided wanted to sell a kiddie co-op shooter and just said "Eh, we'll just slap the Metroid Prime branding on it so it'll sell better". It didn't have... well anything that people like about the Prime series or Metroid in general. It didn't have the exploration based gameplay where you look for powerups because it was an arena shooter. It didn't have the sense of isolation because it was co-op. It didn't have the realistic environments because of the chibi artstyle. About the only thing it has in common with Metroid is it's a first person shooter, that's it, other than that it's pretty much the exact opposite of what a Metroid Prime game traditionally was. Those types of experiments where you try to turn the game into something it's not and retains little to none of its IP's appeal... really tend not to go over well, I'm not surprised at all that it failed.


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